A New Democratic Manifesto

(Work in Progress)

New Democratic Party Platform

In countries that are politically organized such that citizens agree to conduct themselves by certain laws and customs in order to receive the benefits of safety and shared resources offered by the state, there is a thus a social contract made between citizens and state. Often, in democratic countries, this takes the form of a constitution, which codifies the rights and responsibilities of citizens and of government, so that the contract is clearly understood.

The citizen is born or arrives as a refugee from another country in a state of vulnerability, requiring conditions to help him/her thrive. The state is constituted to provide its citizens with conditions that foster growth, including access to food, shelter, education and healthcare.

In a capitalist state, there are many workers and fewer owners. Because capitalism is only about markets and not about social contracts, the products produced by the economy and the structure of the economy may be counterproductive to the primary goals of the citizens and the state, of fostering growth, health, shelter and education. For example:

  • The economic system allows companies to steer food production into unhealthy processes, that foster disease instead of good health
  • The economic system allows some buyers to purchase homes from poor people and then those buyers to re-sell or rent those homes, thereby getting rich at the expense of others
  • The economic system allows companies to inflate prices for drugs or other items needed for healthcare such that poor people are unable to afford them
  • (NB: add many to this list)

If any of the above happens, the state is not functioning properly in fulfilling its contract to the citizens, and it should adjust its economic system through government regulations.

Government regulation is the only way to hold the economic system accountable to the goals of the state and the citizens. Capitalist economic systems are driven only by money and the market not by higher, social contract ideals.

The economic system should be developed with the goal that citizens are able to live happily, and well in the state. The state should take care that the economic system does not go counter to the requirements of the contract between citizen and state.

The above requires that the economic system cannot be a pure market-driven system — a capitalist system. For example, it is unhealthy for the economic system to manufacture more weapons and arms (bullets, bombs, etc.) than the state needs for its own security. Arms should not be sold to other countries.