The Backwards Human Entelechy

by paulgibby

Entelechy is the animating force that turns life-less matter into a living thing. We are surrounded by substance and our bodies twitch and respond to impulses that afflict our senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing, vision. Our mind makes sense of these, sometimes automatically, sometimes with consciousness and sometimes without, as when we have an involuntary response touching a hot object.

The purpose of me writing this is to talk about an experience I have had several times when waking from a dream.

My dreams have a story, for want of a better word. There is some continuity and development. It may be about various situations. At some key point in the story, there is some type of sound, and then I wake up. The strange thing is that the sound has been coming from something in the “real” world. And it comes at the very end of the story, which appears to have been developing for some time before I wake up. The sound becomes the connection between the “real” world and the dream story I was having until I woke up.

For example, the other morning, I had my humidifier running. Periodically it makes a gurgling sound, perhaps once an hour, as water drains from the tank into the reservoir at the bottom. I was having a dream, and at a certain point, one of the characters in the dream started to talk in a herky jerky way, “It didn’t matter….etc.” The sound was just like this gurgling. In fact, as I woke up, I realized that gurgling humidifier was what I was hearing — the exact sound of the voice in my dream.

Other examples have been a loud explosion or the dropping of a heavy object outside my room, coming at the end of a dream in which after some development of a story line, I fall to the pavement off a tall building, or somebody throws a hand grenade.

The important thing is that the sound, linked to the outside world, is always the last thing that happens in the dream. So it seems as if the dream story is spontaneously created — either very very rapidly constructed in response to the noise, or actually created backwards, starting with the resultant noise, and then backing up into the story — as if writing a story from the last page first.

I wonder a few things about this.

a) is this the true nature of time? That we only are accustomed to seeing it one-way: cause then effect, but in reality it can flow the other way too?

b) If the brain can construct these “stories” instantaneously backwards, what else are we “perceiving” that is in reality (whatever “reality” means) something that starts with an effect, and then we construct the cause?

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